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March 16, 2009

Production is under way for Mad Map Tour: Sandbox.

With Spring Break coming up, I plan on tackling a few videos that have eluded me for some time. Mad Map Tours should be complete soon ( read should ), I’ve been “writing” the script for Mad Thought of The Day: Episode 5 in my head for months now, and a plethora of Halo shorts.

I also have another machinima series in mind. This time around, it won’t be Mad Villager helping players improve. No, no, no. It will be a plot-oriented, series machinima. It’s in the pre-production phase of script writing, but you can bet that it’ll be quite the leap from informational videos. No, it won’t be a silly little comedy like everything else out there. You’ll see it in time.

In real-movie news, Red vs Blue: A Campus Divided is still a topic to be heard amongst fans. To this day, I’ll have friends and classmates that recommend this short film to others. Haven’t seen it yet? Go on over and watch the video already!

There have been a bunch of film ideas darting in and out of my mind recently. I’ve been itching to make another short film, but I can’t put my finger on one particular script or idea. Hopefully I can get over this block soon and make a new film. We’ll see.

*Mad Map Tour: Episode 3 – Sandbox
(In Progress)

*Mad Map Tour: Episode 4 – Assembly

*Mad Thought of The Day: Episode 5



Mad Map Tour: Episode Two – Orbital

March 5, 2009

The first in my Mad Map Tours for the Mythic Map Pack is now online. In this episode, I take viewers through Orbital, the UNSC themed map based in a space elevator.

This tour is the most comprehensive Orbital Tour you’ll find. I cover all the weapon spawns, Objective spawns, and even the secret skull! Mind you, if you don’t want to find the skull, you can still watch the video. I give players enough time to stop watching with “Spoiler Alerts”.

At the moment, I’m working on the Mad Map Tour for Sandbox. If there’s anything you specifically liked about this tour, of if you would like for me to add new things to the tour, please let me know. Also, I plan on releasing a video after all the tours are out that covers all the Forge items.

If you’re visiting this site for the first time, welcome! Be sure to check out my other videos, my friends & affiliates, and please read the FAQ before sending me a question.

Video after the jump.

Mad Map Tour - Orbital

Mad Map Tour - Orbital

Mad Map Tour Promo

February 21, 2009

Hello again!

Recently has uploaded my video, “Coming Soon: Mad Map Tours of Mythic Maps” to  You’ll be able to watch the video at the bottom of this post, but in a nutshell it is giving viewers a heads-up regarding my new mini series. 

At the time of post-production editing for the video, Bungie had not released information as to when the maps would be on marketplace.  However, according to, which was published after I finished the video, the maps will be available, “…weeks after the release of Halo Wars” for 800 Microsoft points.

So, if you pre-ordered Halo Wars, LE, nothing has changed. However, if you want the maps and not Halo Wars, you’ll simply have to wait a few weeks more.

Apologies if this has confused anyone, I was simply working off of the information that was released at the time. I’ll be sure to mention this in my next Mad Map Tours video.

Mad Map Tours PRomo

Mad Map Tours Promo Video

Mad Map Tours FAQ

Q: Why do this, Mad Villager?
A: Its simple, really. With my first machinima series, Mad Thought of The Day, my goal was to help Halo 3 players improve by showing them all-too-common mistakes in entertaining machinima videos. With the release of new maps soon, I figured another way I can help Halo 3 players is by touring them through unfamiliar ground. I know it definitely helped me when I watched a video or two online that showed me where all the weapons were on a map when it came out. That way, players can spend less time learning a map and more time enjoying it =D

Q: What will you cover in you Mad Map Tours?
A: What I plan on covering in my tours:
1.) Weapon Spawns
2.) Objective Spawns
3.) Special Jumps
4.) Different Routes for Objectives
5.) Skulls
6.) Forge Items

Q: In what order will you tour the new maps?
A: Honestly, I’m excited over all of the maps. I’ll first tour viewers through the map I deem the, “WHOA. This is awesome!” map, and continue from there. Mind you, I’ll release all three tours around the same time, so stay tuned to my YouTube channel or Machinima’s channel.

New Mini-Series!

October 12, 2008


So I’ve started a new mini-series, entitled “Mad Map Tour”!
For more info, click the lovely picture at bottom of this post.


New Short Film!

October 4, 2008

So I’ve been away at college lately, and thats why there haven’t been any new machinima videos recently.

However! For this year’s Campus Movie Fest, I helped write and direct a five minute long film. Students are given one week to make a short film of their choice. They’re given a digital camera, a Mac (Ah!), along with Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and Garage Band.

This is the masterpiece my friends and I have produced.

Behold: Red Vs Blue: A Campus Divided

333 Films is the team name under which I wrote and directed this short film.

Below is the message I sent to my subscribers earlier today. Just in case there is still some confusion, this message ought to clear it up for you.

“Hi Subscribers!

Yesterday I posted a new video, “Red vs Blue: A Campus Divided”. You may be surprised at the video, since it isn’t machinima. Please don’t get upset; it is the entry my team and I submitted for this year’s Campus Movie Fest for my university. Details are on my website,

Anyway, in the future I plan on uploading any short, live action films I produce over the course of this year. Why? Well, I’m a Film Major, and acting / directing are my hobbies.

However! This does not mean I’m done with machinima. Though I have been busy lately with college work, lots of good things have happened. Keep on the look out for a new update video on my channel that goes into detail a certain “agreement” between myself and a certain “machinima company”. The newest episode of “Mad Thought of The Day” is already in the production process. I also have other little machinima treats planned, but telling would ruin the fun.

In short, I have a live action, short film uploaded. Watch it, but please be sensitive with your comments, as I wasn’t the only person involved in that production. There are many machinima projects planned to be released very soon, so please be patient.

Thanks for subscribing! Please tell your contacts, friends, everyone about Mad Villager films!”

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

September 6, 2008

It’s been some time. I know, I know.

Want to know why I have neglected this site for a while? Well these past two weeks I’ve been settling myself down at my University. It’s my second year of college. Woot! My dorm situation is much better than it was last year; instead of living in an old, cramped brick building, I now share an apartment with my friends on campus. It’s rockin’. However, with a new place to live also comes the hassle of connecting everything. Internet and cable have been all weird, and I haven’t really been able to connect my Xbox to Live until just recently. Even with that, I don’t have as much time to play on Xbox Live since

1.) I have Film classes to attend,
2.) I will soon be acting in two plays for my University Theatre, and
3.) I will be up to no-good shenanigans that college students do.

…But this isn’t the reason why you’re here. You’re here because of “Mad Thought of the Day”. You cheeky bandersnatch.

Updates with my machinima:

Episode 4 is being hosted by the kind folks over at If you haven’t already, you ought to check their site out. It’s filled with machinima, hence the name. Also, if you’re an aspiring director, I suggest you register with their site so you can upload your productions and hopefully get exposure. Anyway, all episodes are being hosted by I often check to see the video’s comments, ratings, that good stuff. So far, the four episodes have had a cumulative view count of over 90,000. Good stuff.

Many have asked when Episode 5 will be released. As stated in the FAQ, “…it’s done when it’s done.” Production time will be increased because I’m busy with college things. I will tell you that it is well into pre-production and I’m taking all of your suggestions into consideration. It is my goal to improve video and audio quality each episode. Hopefully you’ll find this episode to be helpful and entertaining when it is released.


In the weeks prior to going to college I made an effort to become affiliated with other Halo-related groups in the community. You may have noticed that, at the end of Episode 4’s credits, I mentioned and These websites are run by buddies of mine that I hang out with over Xbox Live. is a website dedicated to Halo Universe News and Media.

Run by Kete, features monthly Podcasts (11 so far), “Riot Favorites”, which is a community spotlight of Screenshots and Films, and The Riot Tourney, which is a highly entertaining 4v4 tournament. If you like Halo even slightly, I suggest you check out

ReetardzCircle is a forum site for my group of friends over Halo. Based on our former Halo 2 clan “Reetardz”, this group is a place for us to hang out, discuss whatever, and simply have fun.

Collide, run by my friend DivinePenguin, is a unique comic site. Though it is non-Halo, it still deserves recognition. It’s in the early stages, but with the story so far, I’m already a fan. Check out Collide.

KaneArts is a new friend to Mad Villager Films. Its a creative blog with movie, music, and video game articles. Pretty neat, I must say.

H3Artificer is a friend to the site that will interest all of you Forge lovers out there. It’s a website dedicated to increasing Forge skills and ability. They also have this intriguing breakthrough called the Switch, which is essentially a “button” in Forge that allows you to open and close doors, activate events, and so much more. It’s awesome!
————————————————————————————————– is a website for, what else, montages. These aren’t the typical montages you see on YouTube, though. These are cinematic adventures. The videos that these guys create will blow your mind.

That’s it for this blog update. Please don’t forget to subscribe to Mad Villager’s YouTube Channel. You’ll be able to watch new episodes and other surprises before anyone else! Tell your friends about “Mad Thought of The Day”. With more people who watch, the better quality that will be produced as a result of feedback.

MTOTD [Ep. 4]

August 20, 2008

Mad Thought of The Day [Ep. 4]
(Click to watch the video.)
Have you ever found yourself wanting to talk to your team? You just felt that urge to share something that will help your team out, but nobody else has a microphone?

Whats up with that?