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Q: Who are you?

A: My name is John, but you probably know me better as Mad Villager.

Q: Can I add you to my Xbox Live friends list?

A: I don’t want to sound mean, but I can’t accept your friend request.  I keep a pretty tight friends list on Xbox Live.  You’re on my Xbox Live list only if a.) I know you in real life, or b.) I play online with you regularly.  Please understand =]

Q: What is “Mad Villager Films”? Is this a different group?

A: Mad Villager Films is simply the name of this website.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Q: Why are you making “Mad Thought of The Day”?

A: When I found out you could make movies using video games, I was thrilled.  However, I noticed the vast majority of Halo 3 machinima out there was, essentially, the same thing.  I kept seeing “Epic Battle Movie: Spartans vs Elites!” or “A Soldier’s Story…” or “Another Attempt At Imitating Red vs Blue!!!”.  That just wasn’t whatI wanted to do with machinima.  I wanted to make something new. I figured, why not be unique ?  What is the most unique thing I possess? My thoughts!  I decided to channel my thoughts and ideas regarding what I see in Halo and turn it into a machinima.

Q: When will episode ________ be out?

A: I don’t work on my videos on a set schedule; this is a hobby aside from everything else I do.  Also, keep in mind that I’m a college student, so I’ll be busy with ‘school’ pretty soon.  The videos will come out, just be patient.

Q: How long does it take you to make these videos?

A: It depends on the video, really.  The first two episodes of “MTOTD” took me a week, while this current one has taken me over two weeks.

Q: What equipment do you use to record / edit your machinima?

A: Software:

-Pinnacle Studio 10 (Video Recording)

-Audacity (Sound Recording / Editing)

-Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 (Video Editing)


-Dazzle DVC 100

-Xbox 360

I’ll post my personal setup with links and tips on a future page.

Q: I have an awesome idea for a video / episode. Here goes…

A: Whoa, stop right there!  While I appreciate your enthusiasm, please remember that these are my videos.  Being accused of plagiarism is not exactly my cup of tea.  I already have a plan set out for what I want to cover in my machinima, so please respect that.  What I do suggest for you is to use that idea you have and turn it into your own work.  You know, make your own art.

Q: Can you help me / my friend / our clan out with machinima?

A: Like I said before,  I can’t make a video using someone else’s idea.  Also, I frankly don’t trust my own ability, nor my “work ethic”, to be trusted with someone else’s video at this point in time.  I take my time with my videos, I write my scripts in weird formats, I stay awake until 3:00 a.m. working on one scene… Basically, for now, I am declining requests to make videos for other groups or people.

If in the future your group still wants me to make a video, I’ll contact you.

Q: Can I star or do voice work in your next video?

A: At the time being, I’m not looking for outside help with my videos.  However, in the future, I may call upon the voice talents of my friends.  You know who you are.

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  1. Bob permalink
    September 4, 2008 7:13 am

    What is your favorite Machinima? (besides your own of course)

  2. adam permalink
    April 2, 2009 2:02 pm

    yo kate from runnin riot said he wanted to do a movie wiv u r u gunna take up that offer?

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