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Friends and Affiliates of Mad Villager is a website dedicated to Halo Universe Blog and Podcasts.

Run by Kete, features monthly Podcasts (15 so far), with guest speakers from around the Halo community. His blog is centered around Halo news, so if you like Halo even slightly, I suggest you check out

ReetardzCircle is a forum site for my group of friends over Halo. Based on our former Halo 2 clan “Reetardz”, this group is a place for us to hang out, discuss whatever, and simply have fun.

Collide, run by my friend DivinePenguin, is a unique comic site. Though it is non-Halo, it still deserves recognition. It’s in the early stages, but with the story so far, I’m already a fan. Check out Collide.

KaneArts is a new friend to Mad Villager Films. Its a creative blog with movie, music, and video game articles. Pretty neat, I must say.

H3Artificer is a friend to the site that will interest all of you Forge lovers out there. It’s a website dedicated to increasing Forge skills and ability. They also have this intriguing breakthrough called the Switch, which is essentially a “button” in Forge that allows you to open and close doors, activate events, and so much more. It’s awesome!
————————————————————————————————– is a website for, what else, montages. These aren’t the typical montages you see on YouTube, though. These are cinematic adventures. The videos that these guys create will blow your mind.
————————————————————————————————– is your source for anything and everything about the Halo Multiplayer. It’s a Wiki about Halo! With tips and strategies, what else would you need?
————————————————————————————————– is an awesome Halo site with forums, articles, and more!
How well do YOU Know Halo?
————————————————————————————————– is your one-stop shop for all your Halo statistics. How many kills do you have with the Spartan Laser? What is your kill percentage with the Worthog? Compare your stats with your friends!
————————————————————————————————– offers Halo 3 tourneys before every MLG event. Their goal is to get amature MLGers to events. Are you into MLG? You should definitely check these guys out!

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