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Hey there!

“Mad Villager Films” is simply the name of this website.  It is not a separate group.  Anything I make will be made under my name, Mad Villager.  All films are simply organized on this site.

I’m a college student with a lot of time on my hands. As an actor and film student, I’m deeply interested in movie making and storytelling as an art. As a gamer, I find myself spending hours upon hours having fun on Halo 3. What did I get when I combined my hobbies of film and gaming into one? Why, Machinima, of course!

Machinima (pronounced muh-SHIN-e-ma) is, simply put, telling stories using video games as a cinematic medium. Think of it as movie making, but in a simpler, much less expensive sense.

Additionally, I will be uploading short films I have acted in throughout my film acting career.

You can view all of my videos on my YouTube Channel:

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