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Incoming: Short Films

June 11, 2010

My Junior year of college has ended and with it comes a lot of work to show off. Throughout the semester I was busy making short films. Remember, I’m a Film Student. If I wasn’t busy acting in one short this semester, I was off rehearsing and filming for another.

Lots of work, I’ll tell you that.

I was very grateful to get more exposure on campus and to have the opportunity to act in as many films as I did. It allowed me to grow more as an actor and as a filmmaker. So much work goes into a film, it’s insane. I’ll admit that I just don’t understand what makes audio so difficult, or why a gaffer wants a light a certain way, or the procedure grips go through to make sure the set is safe, or all the incredible amounts of pre-production goes into making a short film.

Seriously, film crews deserve all the respect. They earn their jobs with so much work.

Anywho, I’ll be uploading and posting the films I’ve been in this past semester in the days to come.

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