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Caution: Wall Ahead

March 11, 2010

EDIT: New short films-
The Review
Coffee Buzz-Kill

Madvilladrex: The Medicine for Gamers

It’s been a while.

Several factors contribute to my extended hiatus from updating this site. Starting with login issues, I was, for a time, unable to login to the Blog Dashboard. My information was correct, but I kept receiving an error of sorts. I have also been very busy school-wise, what with my acting career and general academics. However, all is well, and I fully plan on uploading and linking my new videos here.

Lets get back to business. Since my last update, I have acted in a few more short films.
The Review“, “Coffee Buzz-Kill“, and “Baked Sale” are all short films I have acted in during my ’09-’10 semester. Links will be posted shortly.

Communication” is my best video to date. Written and Directed by yours truly, I made this video as an entry for the 2009 Campus Movie Fest. The film revolves around a college girl who is ‘connected’ to her online life yet lacks a personal connection in her day to day life.

This film was screened as one of the Top 16 films of my university and was Third Runner-Up for the AT&T Wildcard Viewer’s Choice Award.

Machinima-wise, my newest film is Madvilladrex: The Medicine for Gamers. It is a parody of the medicinal commercials we see nowadays on TV, but now, it’s for you, the gamer!

Currently, I’m still toying with various scripts and different ideas. I’m thinking about creating a gaming-oriented show, not necessarily machinima, where I discuss topics that relate to gaming as a whole.

Additionally, I have been interviewed twice to date for my machinima work. The first interview was conducted by for the CEUnited 20 Questions segment of October 2009. It is a 20 question survey regarding basic machinima FAQ, my interests, etc.

My second interview was conducted in January of 2010. This interview was for Phillip White, a student at the University of Winchester located in London, UK. His project is to

…Question whether gaming holds the social stigma it once did, to compare this to the representation today and ultimately suggest whether the increasing attention and exposure to this medium is necessarily a good thing (i.e. is this continually evolving for better or worse?)

This was a very in-depth interview, in which I discussed gaming culture, the significance of machinima, film-making and what it has to do with gamers, and much more. You can follow Philip White’s progress and analysis of gaming stigma at his site,

I will be updating this site with links to the aforementioned videos and interviews shortly.

EDIT: Interviews-
“Critical Reflection, Social Gaming Stigma, & Machinima’s Impact on Gamers”, conducted by Philip White of

“20 Questions with Mad Villager”,
conducted by Willy of

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