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Mad Map Tour: Sandbox is up!

March 28, 2009

Mad Map Tour: Sandbox

The new Mad Map Tour is online. Like all of my Mad Map Tours, I take players on a comprehensive tour of the map. I cover everything from Weapon Spawns, Basic Strategy, Objective Spawns, and how players are able to grab Sandbox’s skull.

Mind you, if you don’t want to know the skull location in the video, and you would rather find it on your own, you can stop watching after the credits roll =D

Click the picture at the top of this post to be directed to the video page.

Mad Map Tour: Sandbox Questions
Q: Why didn’t you tell players about the Sky Bubble and the Crypt?
A: My Mad Map Tours cover the default layouts of the Multiplayer maps as found in Matchmaking. I make these tours so players can learn a map easier, find out where everything is, so that when they jump into a Matchmaking game with the map, they aren’t lost and they’ll actually have fun. I will not be covering Forge-only aspects in the Mad Map Tours.

Q: I found the skull another way! Why did you show it the hard way?
A: To be honest, I was just messing around in Forge with a friend to test the “Guardian” lasers. We built a tunnel out randomly, trying to get as far as we could. By coincidence, we found the Skull =P

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