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March 16, 2009

Production is under way for Mad Map Tour: Sandbox.

With Spring Break coming up, I plan on tackling a few videos that have eluded me for some time. Mad Map Tours should be complete soon ( read should ), I’ve been “writing” the script for Mad Thought of The Day: Episode 5 in my head for months now, and a plethora of Halo shorts.

I also have another machinima series in mind. This time around, it won’t be Mad Villager helping players improve. No, no, no. It will be a plot-oriented, series machinima. It’s in the pre-production phase of script writing, but you can bet that it’ll be quite the leap from informational videos. No, it won’t be a silly little comedy like everything else out there. You’ll see it in time.

In real-movie news, Red vs Blue: A Campus Divided is still a topic to be heard amongst fans. To this day, I’ll have friends and classmates that recommend this short film to others. Haven’t seen it yet? Go on over and watch the video already!

There have been a bunch of film ideas darting in and out of my mind recently. I’ve been itching to make another short film, but I can’t put my finger on one particular script or idea. Hopefully I can get over this block soon and make a new film. We’ll see.

*Mad Map Tour: Episode 3 – Sandbox
(In Progress)

*Mad Map Tour: Episode 4 – Assembly

*Mad Thought of The Day: Episode 5


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