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Mad Map Tour Promo

February 21, 2009

Hello again!

Recently has uploaded my video, “Coming Soon: Mad Map Tours of Mythic Maps” to  You’ll be able to watch the video at the bottom of this post, but in a nutshell it is giving viewers a heads-up regarding my new mini series. 

At the time of post-production editing for the video, Bungie had not released information as to when the maps would be on marketplace.  However, according to, which was published after I finished the video, the maps will be available, “…weeks after the release of Halo Wars” for 800 Microsoft points.

So, if you pre-ordered Halo Wars, LE, nothing has changed. However, if you want the maps and not Halo Wars, you’ll simply have to wait a few weeks more.

Apologies if this has confused anyone, I was simply working off of the information that was released at the time. I’ll be sure to mention this in my next Mad Map Tours video.

Mad Map Tours PRomo

Mad Map Tours Promo Video

Mad Map Tours FAQ

Q: Why do this, Mad Villager?
A: Its simple, really. With my first machinima series, Mad Thought of The Day, my goal was to help Halo 3 players improve by showing them all-too-common mistakes in entertaining machinima videos. With the release of new maps soon, I figured another way I can help Halo 3 players is by touring them through unfamiliar ground. I know it definitely helped me when I watched a video or two online that showed me where all the weapons were on a map when it came out. That way, players can spend less time learning a map and more time enjoying it =D

Q: What will you cover in you Mad Map Tours?
A: What I plan on covering in my tours:
1.) Weapon Spawns
2.) Objective Spawns
3.) Special Jumps
4.) Different Routes for Objectives
5.) Skulls
6.) Forge Items

Q: In what order will you tour the new maps?
A: Honestly, I’m excited over all of the maps. I’ll first tour viewers through the map I deem the, “WHOA. This is awesome!” map, and continue from there. Mind you, I’ll release all three tours around the same time, so stay tuned to my YouTube channel or Machinima’s channel.

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  1. March 20, 2009 11:54 am

    Nice write-up.

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