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New Short Film!

October 4, 2008

So I’ve been away at college lately, and thats why there haven’t been any new machinima videos recently.

However! For this year’s Campus Movie Fest, I helped write and direct a five minute long film. Students are given one week to make a short film of their choice. They’re given a digital camera, a Mac (Ah!), along with Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and Garage Band.

This is the masterpiece my friends and I have produced.

Behold: Red Vs Blue: A Campus Divided

333 Films is the team name under which I wrote and directed this short film.

Below is the message I sent to my subscribers earlier today. Just in case there is still some confusion, this message ought to clear it up for you.

“Hi Subscribers!

Yesterday I posted a new video, “Red vs Blue: A Campus Divided”. You may be surprised at the video, since it isn’t machinima. Please don’t get upset; it is the entry my team and I submitted for this year’s Campus Movie Fest for my university. Details are on my website,

Anyway, in the future I plan on uploading any short, live action films I produce over the course of this year. Why? Well, I’m a Film Major, and acting / directing are my hobbies.

However! This does not mean I’m done with machinima. Though I have been busy lately with college work, lots of good things have happened. Keep on the look out for a new update video on my channel that goes into detail a certain “agreement” between myself and a certain “machinima company”. The newest episode of “Mad Thought of The Day” is already in the production process. I also have other little machinima treats planned, but telling would ruin the fun.

In short, I have a live action, short film uploaded. Watch it, but please be sensitive with your comments, as I wasn’t the only person involved in that production. There are many machinima projects planned to be released very soon, so please be patient.

Thanks for subscribing! Please tell your contacts, friends, everyone about Mad Villager films!”

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