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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

September 6, 2008

It’s been some time. I know, I know.

Want to know why I have neglected this site for a while? Well these past two weeks I’ve been settling myself down at my University. It’s my second year of college. Woot! My dorm situation is much better than it was last year; instead of living in an old, cramped brick building, I now share an apartment with my friends on campus. It’s rockin’. However, with a new place to live also comes the hassle of connecting everything. Internet and cable have been all weird, and I haven’t really been able to connect my Xbox to Live until just recently. Even with that, I don’t have as much time to play on Xbox Live since

1.) I have Film classes to attend,
2.) I will soon be acting in two plays for my University Theatre, and
3.) I will be up to no-good shenanigans that college students do.

…But this isn’t the reason why you’re here. You’re here because of “Mad Thought of the Day”. You cheeky bandersnatch.

Updates with my machinima:

Episode 4 is being hosted by the kind folks over at If you haven’t already, you ought to check their site out. It’s filled with machinima, hence the name. Also, if you’re an aspiring director, I suggest you register with their site so you can upload your productions and hopefully get exposure. Anyway, all episodes are being hosted by I often check to see the video’s comments, ratings, that good stuff. So far, the four episodes have had a cumulative view count of over 90,000. Good stuff.

Many have asked when Episode 5 will be released. As stated in the FAQ, “…it’s done when it’s done.” Production time will be increased because I’m busy with college things. I will tell you that it is well into pre-production and I’m taking all of your suggestions into consideration. It is my goal to improve video and audio quality each episode. Hopefully you’ll find this episode to be helpful and entertaining when it is released.


In the weeks prior to going to college I made an effort to become affiliated with other Halo-related groups in the community. You may have noticed that, at the end of Episode 4’s credits, I mentioned and These websites are run by buddies of mine that I hang out with over Xbox Live. is a website dedicated to Halo Universe News and Media.

Run by Kete, features monthly Podcasts (11 so far), “Riot Favorites”, which is a community spotlight of Screenshots and Films, and The Riot Tourney, which is a highly entertaining 4v4 tournament. If you like Halo even slightly, I suggest you check out

ReetardzCircle is a forum site for my group of friends over Halo. Based on our former Halo 2 clan “Reetardz”, this group is a place for us to hang out, discuss whatever, and simply have fun.

Collide, run by my friend DivinePenguin, is a unique comic site. Though it is non-Halo, it still deserves recognition. It’s in the early stages, but with the story so far, I’m already a fan. Check out Collide.

KaneArts is a new friend to Mad Villager Films. Its a creative blog with movie, music, and video game articles. Pretty neat, I must say.

H3Artificer is a friend to the site that will interest all of you Forge lovers out there. It’s a website dedicated to increasing Forge skills and ability. They also have this intriguing breakthrough called the Switch, which is essentially a “button” in Forge that allows you to open and close doors, activate events, and so much more. It’s awesome!
————————————————————————————————– is a website for, what else, montages. These aren’t the typical montages you see on YouTube, though. These are cinematic adventures. The videos that these guys create will blow your mind.

That’s it for this blog update. Please don’t forget to subscribe to Mad Villager’s YouTube Channel. You’ll be able to watch new episodes and other surprises before anyone else! Tell your friends about “Mad Thought of The Day”. With more people who watch, the better quality that will be produced as a result of feedback.

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