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Incoming: Short Films

June 11, 2010

My Junior year of college has ended and with it comes a lot of work to show off. Throughout the semester I was busy making short films. Remember, I’m a Film Student. If I wasn’t busy acting in one short this semester, I was off rehearsing and filming for another.

Lots of work, I’ll tell you that.

I was very grateful to get more exposure on campus and to have the opportunity to act in as many films as I did. It allowed me to grow more as an actor and as a filmmaker. So much work goes into a film, it’s insane. I’ll admit that I just don’t understand what makes audio so difficult, or why a gaffer wants a light a certain way, or the procedure grips go through to make sure the set is safe, or all the incredible amounts of pre-production goes into making a short film.

Seriously, film crews deserve all the respect. They earn their jobs with so much work.

Anywho, I’ll be uploading and posting the films I’ve been in this past semester in the days to come.


Caution: Wall Ahead

March 11, 2010

EDIT: New short films-
The Review
Coffee Buzz-Kill

Madvilladrex: The Medicine for Gamers

It’s been a while.

Several factors contribute to my extended hiatus from updating this site. Starting with login issues, I was, for a time, unable to login to the Blog Dashboard. My information was correct, but I kept receiving an error of sorts. I have also been very busy school-wise, what with my acting career and general academics. However, all is well, and I fully plan on uploading and linking my new videos here.

Lets get back to business. Since my last update, I have acted in a few more short films.
The Review“, “Coffee Buzz-Kill“, and “Baked Sale” are all short films I have acted in during my ’09-’10 semester. Links will be posted shortly.

Communication” is my best video to date. Written and Directed by yours truly, I made this video as an entry for the 2009 Campus Movie Fest. The film revolves around a college girl who is ‘connected’ to her online life yet lacks a personal connection in her day to day life.

This film was screened as one of the Top 16 films of my university and was Third Runner-Up for the AT&T Wildcard Viewer’s Choice Award.

Machinima-wise, my newest film is Madvilladrex: The Medicine for Gamers. It is a parody of the medicinal commercials we see nowadays on TV, but now, it’s for you, the gamer!

Currently, I’m still toying with various scripts and different ideas. I’m thinking about creating a gaming-oriented show, not necessarily machinima, where I discuss topics that relate to gaming as a whole.

Additionally, I have been interviewed twice to date for my machinima work. The first interview was conducted by for the CEUnited 20 Questions segment of October 2009. It is a 20 question survey regarding basic machinima FAQ, my interests, etc.

My second interview was conducted in January of 2010. This interview was for Phillip White, a student at the University of Winchester located in London, UK. His project is to

…Question whether gaming holds the social stigma it once did, to compare this to the representation today and ultimately suggest whether the increasing attention and exposure to this medium is necessarily a good thing (i.e. is this continually evolving for better or worse?)

This was a very in-depth interview, in which I discussed gaming culture, the significance of machinima, film-making and what it has to do with gamers, and much more. You can follow Philip White’s progress and analysis of gaming stigma at his site,

I will be updating this site with links to the aforementioned videos and interviews shortly.

EDIT: Interviews-
“Critical Reflection, Social Gaming Stigma, & Machinima’s Impact on Gamers”, conducted by Philip White of

“20 Questions with Mad Villager”,
conducted by Willy of


July 19, 2009

My YouTube channel has reached a milestone I’m quite proud of.

1,000 Subscribers, baby! BOOYAH!

Party at my place.
Feel free to bring your own refreshments.

New Video: “Machinima, Explained.”

July 11, 2009

I have uploaded my video guide to machinima, entitled “Machinima, Explained.” This video is for those of you with friends who don’t really know what ‘machinima’ is. This video defines the term ‘machinima’ and provides several tips on making your machinima successful.

“Machinima, Explained.” has been featured at our affiliate site as well as being named “Machinima of the Week” and featured at Hawty McBloggy’s gaming blog. Awesome! Please be sure to check these websites out.

EDIT: “Machinima, Explained.” is also featured on the Blog,
the “Tuesday Afternoon at the Movies” news post on Halo.Bungie.Org,
and the “Featured Videos” list at

In other news, I’m working on scripts for future Mad Thought of The Day episodes.

Video after the jump.
Machinima, Explained.


June 4, 2009

College Semester, Spring: Completed.
Summer: In Progress.

Obviously, I have more time for machinima now that I don’t have school to worry about for awhile. Expect to see Mad Thought of The Day: Episode 5 out soon. I’m also writing a dramatic machinima simply titled: Inquisitor.

In other news, I picked up Sims 3 yesterday and I’m quite tempted to make a machinima or two using the Sims engine. Who knows, maybe it’ll be a series one day!

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Mad Map Tour: Sandbox is up!

March 28, 2009

Mad Map Tour: Sandbox

The new Mad Map Tour is online. Like all of my Mad Map Tours, I take players on a comprehensive tour of the map. I cover everything from Weapon Spawns, Basic Strategy, Objective Spawns, and how players are able to grab Sandbox’s skull.

Mind you, if you don’t want to know the skull location in the video, and you would rather find it on your own, you can stop watching after the credits roll =D

Click the picture at the top of this post to be directed to the video page.

Mad Map Tour: Sandbox Questions
Q: Why didn’t you tell players about the Sky Bubble and the Crypt?
A: My Mad Map Tours cover the default layouts of the Multiplayer maps as found in Matchmaking. I make these tours so players can learn a map easier, find out where everything is, so that when they jump into a Matchmaking game with the map, they aren’t lost and they’ll actually have fun. I will not be covering Forge-only aspects in the Mad Map Tours.

Q: I found the skull another way! Why did you show it the hard way?
A: To be honest, I was just messing around in Forge with a friend to test the “Guardian” lasers. We built a tunnel out randomly, trying to get as far as we could. By coincidence, we found the Skull =P

Facebook Page for Mad Villager Films

March 18, 2009

“Dude, add me on Facebook.”

So through, I have been able to get myself a Director Page on’s Facebook. You should definitely head on over if you have a Facebook of your own.

Mad Villager’s Facebook Page

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